Eventsrail Limited offers RFID Cards, RFID Access Cards, RFID Membership Cards, RFID PVC cards, Printing of RFID cards, Barcode and QR Coded invitation cards, RFID Wristbands and Tags, Onsite Printing of Delegate Name badges, Design and Printing of Lanyards and many more. We also offer On-Site Printing of delegate and attendee badges, lanyards, RFID Wristbands, Tags & RFID PVC Access Cards.

Add QR Codes to paper Invitations and streamline the RSVP Process. Delight your guests with a seamless RSVP experience powered by technology.

Eventsrail RFID Cards

Benefits of using RFID PVC Cards include:-
- Eliminate risk of contact, Increase social distancing
- Track Attendance in real-time
- Get Guests inside Quickly & Reduce Wait Times
- Adhere to Social distance guidelines
- Track and Trace your guests in real-time
- Scan Guests into the venue faster
- Fast, Simple Check-in & Check-out experience
- Rich Reporting & Analytics

Ideal for: Churches, Mosques, Invite-Only Workshops, Weddings, Award shows etc.

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